Naseeb Online Services (Private) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Naseeb”) has developed a shared journey platform that can be accessed through its “Rizq” mobile application, which is designed to put drivers travelling to a given destination in contact with passengers travelling to the same or similar destination, so that they can share the journey and the costs associated with it (hereinafter referred to as “CarPool”).

These terms and conditions are intended to regulate the access and terms of use of CarPool. Please read these conditions carefully. You understand and acknowledge that Naseeb is not a party to any contract, agreement or contractual relationship of any kind between the users of CarPool.

By clicking on the CarPool button, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these general conditions of use.


  1. Announcements

    As a user, as long as you comply with the conditions established below, you can create and publish announcements in CarPool by entering information about the route you are going to follow (dates/hours/collection and arrival points, number of places offered, options available, amount of Shared Costs, etc.).

    You will only be able to publish an announcement if you comply with each and every one of the conditions indicated below:

    1. You have a valid driver’s license.
    2. You only publish ads with vehicles you own or used with the express consent of the owner, and as long as you are authorized to use the vehicle for carpooling purposes.
    3. You are and will remain the principal driver of the vehicle subject to the advertisement.
    4. The vehicle has at least one third party insurance in force.
    5. You do not have any contraindication or medical incapacity to drive.
    6. you do not intend to publish another advertisement for the same route in the app with the same date and time.
    7. You don't offer more places than those available in your vehicle and those allowed as standard protocol.
    8. All seats offered have safety belts.
    9. You are using a vehicle that is in good condition and complies with all legal requirements and regulations.
    10. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of the advertisement that you publish through CarPool. Therefore, you acknowledge and guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of all the information included in your advertisement, and you undertake to complete the route under the conditions described in your advertisement.

      Your ad, once published, shall be visible to all CarPool users. Naseeb reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, choose not to publish or delete, at any time, any advertisement which does not comply with its policies or which it considers may damage its image, the image of CarPool and/or the services offered.

      You acknowledge and agree that the criteria used in the classification and the establishment of the order in which your ad is displayed among the other ads is Naseeb’s sole discretion.

  2. Reserving a Seat

    When a passenger is interested in an announcement, they can make an online reservation request. This reservation request will be automatically accepted by the driver. At the time of reservation, the passenger makes the online payment for the amount of shared costs and the related management expenses, if applicable. Upon receipt of payment by Naseeb and after validation of the reservation by the driver, if applicable, the passenger receives a reservation confirmation.

    In case of rejection or expiration of the reservation request by the driver, the passenger receives a refund in the amount of the total amount paid at the time of the reservation request.

    At the time of booking confirmation, Naseeb shall provide you with the telephone number of the driver (if you are the Passenger) or of the passenger (if you are the driver). From this moment on you are solely responsible for the fulfillment of the contract that binds you to the other user.


Any use of the services, both as passenger and driver, is related to a specific name. The identity of the driver and the passenger must correspond to the identity communicated by

them to Naseeb and the other users participating in the route.

CarPool is designed to reserve seats for people. It is forbidden to reserve a place to transport any object, package, animal travelling alone or any other material element. It is also forbidden to publish an advertisement for any other driver than you.


You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for respecting all laws, regulations and obligations applicable to the use of CarPool. Furthermore, by using CarPool, you agree to:

  1. Not to use CarPool for professional, commercial or profit-making purposes.
  2. Not send Naseeb or other CarPool users false, confusing, malicious or fraudulent information
  3. Not to speak, behave, or publish any content that may be defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, offensive, aggressive, inappropriate, violent, threatening, harassing, racist or xenophobic in nature, with sexual connotations, incites violence, discrimination or hatred, or encourages activities or the use of illegal substances or in a more general manner that is contrary to the objectives of CarPool that may infringe the rights of Naseeb or a third party, or that may be contrary to morality.
  4. Not infringe on Naseeb’s rights and not damage Naseeb’s image.
  5. Not to open more than one Rizq account and not to open an account in the name of a third party.
  6. Not attempt to circumvent the online reservation system in any manner or form.
  7. Not to contact another user, by means of CarPool, for any purpose other than the definition of the conditions of the shared trip.
  8. Comply with these terms of use and the privacy policy.


When you use the App as a driver, you commit to:

  1. Respect all the laws, regulations and codes regarding driving and the vehicle.
  2. Not assume any risk while driving, nor take any product that may negatively affect your attention and your ability to drive safely and attentively.
  3. Publish announcements that correspond only to routes already programmed.
  4. Carry out the route as described in the announcement and to respect the times and places agreed with the other users.
  5. Not carry more passengers than the number of seats indicated in the advertisement.
  6. Use a vehicle in good condition and which complies with all legal regulations.
  7. To share with Naseeb or with any passenger who requests to see your driving licence, your vehicle registration certificate, your insurance policy and any other document that demonstrates your ability to use the vehicle as a CarPool driver.
  8. In case of delay or change in the time or in the route itself, inform your passengers without delay.
  9. Not publish any advertisement relating to a vehicle which is not yours or for which you do not have permission to use it.
  10. Ensure that passengers can contact you at the telephone number registered in your profile.
  11. Not to generate any profit through CarPool.
  12. Have no contraindication or medical incapacity to drive.
  13. Behave in an appropriate and responsible manner during the Journey, in accordance with the philosophy of shared travel.


When you use the App as a Passenger, you commit to:

  1. Adopt appropriate behaviour during the journey so as not to interrupt the concentration or driving of the driver or the peace and quiet of the other passengers.
  2. Respect the driver’s vehicle and its cleanliness.
  3. In case of delay, inform the driver without delay.
  4. Wait for the driver at the agreed meeting point until at least 30 minutes after the agreed time.
  5. Communicate to Naseeb, or to any driver who requests it, your identity document or any other document that proves your identity.
  6. not to carry on a trip any article, substance or animal which may distract the concentration and driving of the driver, or the nature, possession or transport of which is illegal.
  7. Ensure that drivers can contact you at the telephone number registered in your profile, including at the meeting point.

    In the event that you have made a reservation for one or more seats on behalf of third parties, you warrant that such third party shall respect the conditions applicable to the usage of CarPool. Naseeb reserves the right to suspend your account, limit your access to the services or terminate these general terms and conditions in the event of a breach by the third party on whose behalf you have reserved the seat.


You can terminate your contractual relationship with Naseeb, at any time, free of charge and without having to explain the reason. To do so, you must send us an email and we will unsubscribe you.

In the event of a breach by you of these general terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, a breach of your obligations as a user as set out above or in the event that Naseeb has any real reason to believe that it is necessary to protect its security and integrity, that of users or third parties, or for the purposes of fraud prevention or investigations, Naseeb reserves the right to:

  1. Close your Rizq account immediately and without notice. When such termination is necessary, you will be notified of this decision so that you can submit your explanations to Naseeb. Naseeb shall decide, in its sole discretion, whether or not to lift the applicable termination.
  2. Prevent the posting of, or remove any announcement, message, content, reservation request or any content that you have posted on CarPool.
  3. Limit your access to and use of CarPool.


In the context of your use of CarPool and the Rizq app, Naseeb shall collect your personal information and may use if for its internal business purposes. By using CarPool and registering as a Rizq user, you acknowledge and agree to the Naseeb’s collection and use of your personal data by Naseeb in accordance with applicable law and Naseeb’s standard terms and conditions as applicable to usage of the Rizq app.


You are strictly prohibited to use or exploit CarPool/the Rizq app and the available services, including their content, for any purpose other than that intended without Naseeb’s prior written consent. In particular, the following is strictly prohibited:

  1. Reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, publicly perform and disseminate CarPool/the Rizq app, the offered services and all of their content, except with the express prior permission of Naseeb.
  2. Decompile and reverse engineer the Rizq app, except as otherwise provided in the applicable texts.
  3. Extract or attempt to extract a substantial portion of the data available through the Rizq app.


For the purpose of enabling the provision of the services, and in compliance with the purpose of CarPool and/or the Rizq app, you grant Naseeb a non-exclusive license to use the content and data you have provided in the context of your use of the services. In order to enable Naseeb to distribute via the digital network and in accordance with any communication protocol and to be able to offer the content of the Rizq app to the public, you authorize Naseeb to reproduce, represent, adapt and translate your user-developed content for the entire world and for the duration of your contractual relationship with Naseeb, in accordance with the following:

  1. You authorize Naseeb to reproduce all or part of your content developed by the user on any known or unknown digital recording medium, in particular on any server, hard drive, memory card or other equivalent medium, in any format and by any process, known or to be known, to the extent necessary for any storage, backup, transmission or download operation in connection with the operation of CarPool/Rizq app and the provision of the services.
  2. You authorize Naseeb to adapt and translate its user content developed, and to reproduce such adaptations in any digital medium, known or to be known, for the purpose of providing the services. This right includes the option of making modifications to the format of your user developed content, with respect to your moral right, in order to respect the graphic design of the Rizq app or to make your content technically compatible with our software for subsequent publication through the Rizq app.


CarPool is a service through which users can create and publish route announcements in order to share the same and the costs associated with the route. These announcements will be displayed by the other users to check the conditions of the path, and, where applicable, to reserve a seat directly in the vehicle in question with the user who has published the announcement in the Rizq app.

By using CarPool and the Rizq app, you acknowledge that Naseeb is not a party to any agreement between you and other users for the purpose of sharing the costs associated with a trip.

Naseeb has no control over the behavior of its users and app users. Naseeb does not own, operate, supply or manage the vehicles included in the ads, and does not offer trails in CarPool.

You acknowledge and agree that Naseeb does not control the validity, veracity or legality of the ads, places and paths offered. In its capacity as intermediary, Hoop does not offer transport services or act as a carrier, Naseeb’s role is limited to facilitating access. The Users (drivers/passengers) act under their sole and total responsibility.

In its capacity as intermediary, Naseeb shall not be held responsible in any manner and/or form for any incident that takes place during a trip including but not limited to accidents and or other incidents.

Naseeb shall try as much as possible to maintain regular operation of CarPool. However, access to CarPool and/or the Rizq app may be temporarily suspended without notice for technical reasons, maintenance, migration or updating operations, or due to power outages or restrictions related to network operation. In addition, Naseeb reserves the right to modify or suspend in whole or in part access to CarPool and/or the Rizq app or its functionalities, at its discretion, either temporarily or permanently.

Naseeb shall not be held liable in any manner or form for suspension of services from time to time, whether due to any factors including but not limited to routine maintenance, downtime, errors, glitches or other interruptions arising in respect of CarPool and/or the Rizq app. Naseeb shall not be held liable for any service interruptions, including but not limited to system failures or other interruptions that may affect the user, processing, acceptance, completion and/or any settlement.

In no event shall Naseeb be liable to any user for any direct, indirect, exemplary, punitive, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of business, revenue or profits or losses or damages arising out of claims howsoever arising and whether under contract, tort or otherwise (including without limitation third party claims, loss of profits, loss of revenue or damage to reputation or goodwill etc.)


These terms and conditions and the documents incorporated by reference form the entire agreement between you and Naseeb regarding the use of Carpool and associated services. Any other documents mentioned or referred to through CarPool such as FAQ’s are for indicative purposes only.

Naseeb may modify these general terms and conditions in order to adapt them to its technological and commercial environment and to comply with the legislation in force. Any changes shall be published through the Rizq app indicating the effective date, and you will receive notification of such change before the effective date.