RIZQ makes goal-based savings, effortlessly easy! Save money for long and short term goals or save collectively with your friends via shared goals envelopes.

Smart Bills

Conveniently schedule your monthly payments and effortlessly pay school fees, utility bills, bank payments, mobile top-ups, and more.


Never run out of money again because RIZQ is here for you! Apply for up to 50% instant loan against your salary in a matter of minutes.

Health Insurance

Enjoy a carefree life with easy and custom insurance plans to protect you and your loved ones.


Not just budgeting, but intelligent budgeting! Stay one step ahead, review your expenses, calculate savings, and discover new ways to save more.

Ab Asaan hai!

You are now entering a world filled with carefully curated partnerships and tailored products with RIZQ as your Financial Passport, effortlessly guiding your path towards a state of financial wellness.

Make your
money work for

RIZQ is designed to help salaried professionals and freelancers become financially secure by removing the frictions of traditional banking and introducing revolutionary money management tools in partnership with licensed financial institutions.


What is RIZQ?


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Take Loans responsibly

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Questions & Answers

RIZQ is an easy-to-use financial wellness app that offers a number of money management features and services like loans, goal-based saving, smart online payment, and health insurance. RIZQ app uses the digital space to provide new financial possibilities and gives you the freedom to make your money work for you.

Just download the app from Google PlayStore or App Store. Provide your necessary information like CNIC, email address, home address, and contact number and you will be good to go.

Although RIZQ is a free app, in order to use all the features you will need to get verified by paying the annual fee of rupees 1000 only.

Manage your finances and open the doors to a world of one-click financial possibilities,

Because financial wellness Ab Asaan Hai!